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The Political Economy of Sustainability:
Towards Integrating Economic, Social and Environmental Factors.
Advances in Ecological Economics Series.

KÖHN, Jörg, 2002.
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
(ISBN 1-85898 934-5)
Edward Elgar Publishing: The Political Economy of Sustainability

Towards the Integration of Economics, Social and Enviromental Factors

Sustainability is an evolutionary process that can only be governed by a systemic approach linking life and experience with science and social and social learning. This book synthesises the social and natural sciences to provide a comprehensive account of the process of sustainability. Jörg Köhn uses a scientific perspective to evaluate historic processes and design pathways for sustainability in the future.

Quellennachweis: Edward Elgar Publishing: Environment and Ecology. New Titles and selected backlist. November 1999